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Paul W. Conant is a copyeditor of nonfiction, including magazines, books, newsletters, dissertations, memoirs, and textbooks; and fiction. Whether you are a writer or a publisher, you will find more information about types of copyediting, as well as links to helpful resources. You also are encouraged to submit sample text for a free estimate.

Paul W. Conant,
Copyeditor and Owner, PWC Editing!

About Our Services


Paul W. Conant is a resident of Dallas, Texas, and has owned PWC Editing since January, 2000. He has been copyediting since 1994 for the publishers of Bride and Groom Magazine, the Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature (SPELL), and Piccadilly Books. In 2000, he worked full-time for J.M. LeBel Enterprises, a publisher of science textbooks. In 2002, he started editing dissertations for Ed.D. candidates. In 2014, he started editing all issues of Patron Magazine.

Paul has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, followed by graduate studies in linguistics and information systems. He has fifteen years of experience doing word processing and preparing proposals for a large accounting/consulting firm.

Since forming PWC Editing, books that he has edited that have been published include: In God We Trust by Victor Shane, Seashell Prisoners by Frances Collins, Transitional Journey by Brenda Louise Johnson, Cause or Effect by Ivan Huff, The Wayfaring Stranger by Curt Iles, From Jihad to Jesus by Jerry Rassamni, and others by Shane, Johnson and Iles.

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GUIDELINES: For projects involving straightforward line editing or proofreading of text (please see Editorial Services), I will give an hourly rate or a per-word rate. For projects involving substantive editing, I will give an hourly rate for the work and a words-per-hour editing rate.

FOR YOUR ESTIMATE and SAMPLE EDIT: Please submit a sample WORD document using our UPLOAD UTILITY. Once you have the name of your document, ensure that we know whose it is by completing this short form. Documents are limited to 1040 KB in size. For files above 1040 KB in size, please call me for an email address to attach a file to. Please use a minimum 10-page file.

In addition, please submit the following information:
Page Count (in the same font and spacing as the sample) for the Entire Project.